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Music Interests

I Have a group of persons having deep interest in Hindi Film music. We have a good collection of old songs (1941-Current Year mainly). I have developed a Multilingual software which will tell you any required info regarding any film during 1912 to Current (ofcourse some data is not available yet). Corrections and new entry is on.


Main Information Providers

Dr. Rakesh Pratap Singh (Zoology)
D.A.V. College, Kanpur
(Compiler Talat Geet Kosh), Has large coleection of Hindi Film Music
in audio, Video form.

Sri Nand Kishore Ji,
Anwar Ganj G.T. Road, Kanpur
Has large collection of 78RPMS, LPS and other records. Specially
Shamshad Begham

Dr. R.C. Mishra (Electronics)
D.A.V. College Kanpur
Classical music speciliest.

Mrs. Sudha Shukla, IIT Kanpur
(Software/Database design, Data Correction & Verification)

Other Importent Persons

Sri. Jagdish Nigam, Kanpur
(Specialist in Radio Ceylon musical programs)

Sri. D.S. Kanaujia, Kanpur Telephones Kanpur
Censor Information Compiler & Film Booklet Collector

Sri. Ashish Tripathi, Kanpur

Sri. V.S. Seal, IIT Kanpur.
He has done alomost all data entry up to 2000. This job was not possible without his comitted data entry

I am greatful to following persons, who helped me a lot in making
this software.

Mr. N.V. Brahma Ji Rao (Ex. IIT Kanpur)

Sri. Prabodh Pandey, Kanpur, Data Entry

Sri Rajan Trivedi, P. Road Kanpur

Shubhi Shukla (Sulochana/Lappo), (Hamaaree Putree) Kanpur

Mrityunjay Shukla (BhootNaath/Laddu/Bhuttu), (Hamaare Putra) Kanpur

Sri. Sanjay Sharma (Physics)
D.B.S. College Kanpur

Sri. Aneesh Shukla (Cawnpore)

Sri. Viswas Nerurkar Bombay
Compiler of Lata, Asha, RD Burman, OP Nayyar, Naushad, Madan Mohan Geet

Sri, Amit Tiwari, Nawab Ganj Kanpur

Sri Daya Shankar Mobar, Jhansi

Sri. Hem Chandra Jain (Agra)
(Has good collection of Film literature)

Late Sri. Gauri Shankar Shukla, New Delhi
(Vintage music lover and had good collection of old songs)

Sri. Mohammad Ashfak Butt
(Film Journilist, Mumbai)

Sri Firoz Rangoonwala
(Filmography Compiler)

Sri. Ajay Kumar Sharma & Sri. Prem Chandra Prakash Sharma
(Delite Talkies, Kanpur)

Sri. Anil/Sunil Jain (New Basant Talkies) Kanpur

Sri. Yaspal Sharma (Deoki Palace Kanpur)

Sri. Rajjan (Film Distributor)

Sri. Amod Tiwari (Film Booklet provider), Kanpur

Sri. Rajendra Kumar Jalota (Soori Film Distributor)

Sri Badri Tiwari (Film Distributor) Kanpur

Sri. Pradeep Mishra (Film Distributor)

Sri. Hriday Lal & Vinay (Bobby Arts Film Distributors) Kanpur

Sri Bablu Tiwari (MN Combines) Kanpur

Sri. Hameed (Old LP,EP, 78RPM record seller) Parade Kanpur

Sri. Preetam Menghani
Compiler of Rafi Geet Kosh

Sardar Jasbeer Singh (Sangam Talkies), Kanpur

Sardar Gurdev Singh Saluja (Gurdev Palace), Kanpur

Sri Aneesh (Narayan Talkies), Kanpur

Mr, Nadeem M. Khan (IIT Kanpur)

Mr, Akash Misra (IIT Kanpur)

Mr, Hari Prakash Tiwari (IIT Kanpur)

Mr, Amit Pandey (IIT Kanpur)

Mr, Viajy Bahadur Thapa (IIT Kanpur)

You can send me email at: bms@iitk.ac.in